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About Us


Thank you for dropping in! Our team of human caregivers is highly regarded within the industry and among our clients.

As an industry leader VIP Sitters’ track record of delivering on its promise of service excellence has been its keystone.  VIP Sitters has provided consistent, top-notch service while safeguarding the sanctity and welfare of our clients’ pets' and homes.
You have demonstrated your commitment to your beloved pets and your home by taking the time to find the best service provider.  Partnering with VIP Sitters guarantees your pets' well being and ensures your home is maintained in pristine condition.
Our team of professionals participates in theft prevention, emergency procedures, as well as home invasion training. They also learn how to handle adverse animal situations and are committed to a continuing education programme with the company.
At VIP Sitters we understand the difficulty that you may experience when deciding which home and pet care service would be:
> Most attentive and responsible to your pet's safety and needs
> Respectful of your home and its contents
> Reasonably priced