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Pet Cremation: Honouring Your Pet Online

  • Sun, 12 May 2013 03:20:51 +0000

Pet cremation can help you stay in emotional contact with your favorite furry friends for the rest of your life.


Place their cremains in a decorative box or urn, and you can visit them whenever you want.


During a pet's life, though, many people might form attachments to it. It isn't just you, your family, and close friends who have feelings for the animal. Even casual friends might have fond memories just as they would of people. 


That's why it makes sense for you to create a website or page that honors your pet and lets other people grieve their loss.


Finding a Place to Host Your Pet Homage


Your pet cremation center might already have a website that will host an homage to your pet.


If not, then you can find plenty of free hosting services online. They make it rather easy to post pictures and information about your pet. 


This lets people from all over the world view pictures, words, and videos about your special animal.


What You Need for a Good Homage


A good homage definitely needs pictures. Find several pictures of your pet throughout her life. That way, you can show her as she grew from a pup to an adult and, finally, into old age.


Some services will also let you upload videos. If you have videos of your pet doing something funny, or even something just typical of her personality, then upload it and share it with the world.


Of course, you also need to write a few words about your lost friend. Don't feel shy about exposing your feelings. Most people have lost pets at some point during their lives. They know that it's a painful experience.


Writing about your pet also gives you a chance to purge some of your feelings. Let it all out. No one will laugh at your pain. Instead, they'll nod along as they read, remembering some of the great times that they had with the animal.


Dogs, cats, and other animals have become such intimate parts of our lives. It only makes sense to honor them after they die. In addition to using an urn that holds her cremains, use the Internet so other people can get in touch with their feelings.


For more information about our pet cremation services please go to our pet cremation page here.