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Pet Cremation: Why Cremate Your Pet

  • Sun, 12 May 2013 03:14:01 +0000

Cities have used animal cremation for decades. It's an efficient way to reduce deceased bodies. Instead of burying them in the ground, which takes a lot of money, time, and resources, cities chose to burn the remains so that they were easier to dispose of.


Today, more and more pet owners, however, have decided that cremation makes sense to them.


Why have so many people turned to cremation as their preferred option?


People Don't Stay Put


One reason is that people don't stay put. We rarely buy a house and live in it throughout our adult lives. We travel the world when we meet new people or get new job opportunities. We don't stay planted to the same plot of land forever.


If we did, then it would make sense to bury our favorite pets. Each person could have a tiny pet cemetery in her backyard. Whenever she wanted to visit with her pets, she would walk to that area of the yard and pay her respects.


When you live 200 miles away and someone else owns the property, though, you can't do that. Keeping your pet in an urn lets you take her wherever you go. No matter what the future holds, you can always take your favorite furry friend with you.


Many People Don't Have Land


Living in a big city also makes it difficult to bury beloved pets without spending a lot of money. Pet cemeteries in large cities can have outrageous prices. If you don't have a backyard, what else can you do?


You want to treat your pets with respect, even after they've passed. You're not just going to throw them out with the trash.


Cremation lets you keep dogs, cats, and other animals in your apartment long after they have passed on. That way, you don't have to worry about spending a lot of money on a funeral plot. Plus, you get the advantage of having your pet with you whenever you want to pay your respects or grieve.


Cremation Makes Sense for Many Relationships


There's also the fact that cremation makes so much sense for the types of relationships that people form with their pets. We don't have outdoor pets that we don't really care about. We have furry family members who deserve as much respect as anyone else.


This type of relationship has encouraged more people to use cremation as a way to honor their pets and keep them close forever.


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