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Pet Transportation: Keeping Pets Comfortable

  • Wed, 15 May 2013 21:43:55 -0500

Long travel can take a lot out of a person. Imagine what it does to pets who don't understand why they've been pulled from their comfy homes and forced to sit in an unfamiliar environment for hours. That can create a lot of stress for any animal. With the right techniques, though, a professional pet transportation can lessen that stress for a more pleasant journey.

Treats Can Make All the Difference

What pet doesn't love a good treat? The right treat can provide a distraction that gives dogs, cats, and other animals momentary relief from the stress of travel. Perhaps your cat likes to snack on dehydrated chicken, or your dog likes to gnaw on a meaty bone. Good food can make all the difference for your traveling pets.

Make the Environment as Friendly as Possible

A lot of animals don't like to have their routines disrupted. Few things are more disrupting that relocation. That's why professionals try to make the travel environment as friendly as possible. That often means stocking travel crates with the pet's favorite blankets, pillows, and toys. These items can make your pet feel closer to home, even when she's in a scary new environment.

Sometimes Sedatives Offer a Great Solution

It's best to avoid drugs when possible. Sometimes, though, it makes sense to use mild sedatives that will quiet a pet during a long journey. It's best for humans because it keeps the animal quiet. It's also best for the pet because it lowers anxiety and makes her feel more comfortable. It's unwise to give pets drugs on your own. But veterinarians can offer healthful options that won't cause any long-term side effects.

Make the New Home Comfortable

Many animals develop strong attachments to their homes. Some dogs have traveled hundreds of miles to return to their previous homes. You don't want that to happen. You can make the pet's new home more comfortable by including aspects of the old house. Familiar furniture, toys, and routines could put your pet at ease. Still, it's best to keep her inside until she develops an attachment to the new home.


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