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Pet Transportation: Making Your Cat Comfortable in a New Home

  • Thu, 16 May 2013 03:08:20 +0000

The challenges of pet transportation don't end as soon as your cat reaches her new home. Follow these tips to help your cat feel more comfortable in the new environment. They will make life easier for you and your feline friend.

Tip #1: Start With One Room

Many cats get overwhelmed easily. Instead of letting her explore the entire house, restrict her to one room. This will give her a chance to readjust to her surroundings and find a spot where she feels safe. Every animal, even humans, need a safe place. The sooner she can create that space, the sooner she'll feel at home.

After a few days, you can introduce her to other parts of the house. But don't force her into spaces. She should make the adventure on her own.

Tip #2: Keep Her in the House for Several Weeks

If you typically let your cat go outside, it's best to avoid that practice for several weeks. Cats are territorial animals who get extremely attached to their homes. If you let her go outside before she has established the new house as home, then she could wander off in search of her old territory.

Tip #3: Spend as Much Time With Your Cat as Possible

Your cat might take several weeks before she feels comfortable in her new home. During that time, you need to offer her as much emotional support as possible. That means spending a lot of time with her.

You know what your cat enjoys, so you should decide how you interact with her during this time. Does she love playing games, or does she prefer sitting on your lap? Does she prefer attention during the morning, day, or evening? Try to conform to her needs to help her accept the new place as home.

Tip #4: Introduce New Animals Slowly

If you decide to bring a new pet into the home, introduce it to your cat slowly. You don't want to make her feel angry, territorial, or rejected. Make sure she knows that she's still your best pal. If necessary, keep the animals in separate rooms while you're away from the house. Only let them interact under your supervision until they can accept each other as roommates.


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