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Prior to joining our team, our human caregivers are required to obtain a police clearence/ background check. Additionally, our employees are fully bonded & insured and are certified in pet first-aid for cats & dogs. Our employees share a genuine passion in caring for our clients' homes and pets.

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leash free parks

Leash-free green spaces allow dogs to socialize and run off-leash in a safe, secure environment. Urban dog parks are becoming an increasingly popular opportunity for people and dogs to relax, exercise and socialize.

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Q. How do I sign up?
We invite you to contact us us anytime day or night.

Q. Can I reserve the same sitter each time?
We definitely prefer to keep the same sitter assigned to you each time, however if your sitter is unavailable, another capable sitter will be assigned.

Q. How do you access my home in my absence?
Before your service begins you will meet with your VIP Sitter at your convenience.  After your meeting you would be asked to either provide us with your home keys, rent a lockbox from us, or leave the key in a predetermined location of your choice.

Q. Do you provide House Sitting if there are no pets?
Yes.  VIP Sitters professionals would be delighted to visit your home and carry-out regular inspections while you are away. House sitting includes: bringing in newspapers, flyers, mail; watering plants, alternating lights, checking your furnace or air conditioner, running water/flushing toilets to prevent ring build up, adjusting blinds/curtains, and setting out or bringing in your recycling or trash receptacles, and more.

Q. How do you choose your staff?
At VIP Sitters our foremost priority is the ensure the safety and security of our clients' homes and pets. Our team undergoes an extensive pre-employment screening process, including police clearance, reference and background checks.

Q. Do you administer medication to pets?
 While most pet sitters charge clients an additional premium for administering medication to their pets, VIP Sitters offers complimentary medication administration.  Our creed is that pet owners that are kind enough to care for their pets in spite of their pets ailment do not deserve to be gouged for their altruism.

Q. Can I hire my one of your sitters directly rather then through VIP Sitters?
No. We ask our clients to please not place our sitters in the uncomfortable position of offering them employment outside of VIP Sitters. Our sitters are contractually prohibited from soliciting or accepting employment directly or indirectly from our clients.

Q. Do you provide references?
Yes. References are provided by email when you receive your initiation package by email.

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