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Dog Walking Tips

  • Last updated on January 24, 2012
  • Higher energy dogs and puppies need to be walked more often, around three times per day.
  • One of these walks should last at least 30 minutes. 
  • Dogs should be walked in the morning before work, and before they eat, fulfilled the dog’s instincts to work for food.
  • Prepare for the walk with identification tags, leash, harness, treats, bags, water bottles, and a silent whistle.
  • Take a different route each time to give the dog mental stimulation.
  • It’s best not to walk by the side of the road where there are a lot of toxins. 
  • Find out which areas and parks are leash-free. Be sure that your dog is neutered or spayed before letting them off the leash. 
  • Supervise your dog around children 
  • Avoid extreme temperatures, especially for short-nosed dogs. When it’s too hot or in a stressful environment short nosed dogs have difficulty breathing. On a cold day, put a snuggie or a dog sweater on the dog.  
  • Teaching the dog to walk on a treadmill is great for the days when the weather is bad.
  • If the dog is too tired, it’s time to take them home. They will show this by walking slowly and have their tongue out.