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The Benefit of Private Dog Walks over Group Walks

  • Last updated on January 24, 2012

Group walks may be troublesome for the following reasons:

1. Safety/control-custody

It often is challenging enough to manoeuvre one dog to avoid the dog stepping on sharp objects, eating potentially harmful waste, preventing potential threat/injury (from/to another dog/person).

2. Enjoyment of the walk/training consistency

One on one walks allow for your dog to receive the personal care and attention (TLC) they deserve – as well as for us to observe your dog's behaviour and consistently apply your training method of choice.

3. Cleanliness

Oftentimes dogs may attempt to roll in feces or other odorous waste substance walk onto an area that contains mud, cement, or other soil & debris that may be dangerous and difficult or ever impossible to wash off; resulting in your dog tracking this dirt into your home damaging your flooring/furniture/walls, etc.

4. Health Wise

Dogs may attempt to drink from contaminated water sources (i.e. puddle), contracting disease (such as distemper) leading to serious health concerns accompanied by distressing symptoms, and costly medical expenses.

5. Time Commitment

When dog walkers take dogs out in groups they oftentimes rush from one client to the other in order to accommodate as many dogs as they can potentially fit in their vehicle/group – leading to more time waiting for other dogs and less time spending ‘out and about’ on the actual walk.  Some dog walkers offering group walks have been known to also cut the walk time drastically in order to accommodate more dogs – thereby increasing their bottom line, rather than focusing on each dog’s walking needs.

VIP Sitters is delighted to offer a premium Individual/Private Dog Walking service