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The Stress of an Unfamiliar Environment

  • Last updated on January 24, 2012

When a pet owner needs to go out of town for a business trip or a vacation, they may resort to removing a pet from its home and placing them into an unfamiliar environment. This is extremely stressful for a pet. Pets feel insecure when taken out of their environment, especially if they’re not made to feel secure and comfortable in the new environment. It is common for the stress to manifest itself in the form of behaviourial issues such as depression or aggression towards strangers. There are several other signs of anxiety, and even severe stress induced long-term ailments

Many pet owners are unaware that removing a pet from its home and placing them into an unfamiliar environment makes them feel insecure and severely anxious and stressed. 

How a Pet Sitter Helps

When hiring a pet sitter like VIP Sitters, the pet is able to stay in the comfort of its own home. This reduces stress dramatically. VIP Sitters pet care specialist maintains your pet’s routine, including exercise and medication as needed. We specialize in high quality personalized service and attention, and happily cater to any personal requests made by the client. The pet is taken care of with the same love, attention, and responsibility they would normally receive on any given day.  

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Separation Anxiety

Some pets display signs of separation anxiety by scratching at the door and/or crying. If the pet reacts this way and the owner is planning a long trip, the owner can get the pet used to time apart by gradually increasing the length of time the pet and the owner spend separated. The pet should then begin to adjust. This ensures as positive an experience as possible when under the care of a pet care specialist.