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Price Match Programme


VIP Sitters' Price Match Programme

VIP Sitters' Price Match Programme is contingent upon:

1.  The company being located within the same vicinity as the client & VIP Sitters (i.e. a company located in Kansas or another area VIP Sitters does not service would not qualify for our programme).

2.  The client (you) providing us with the name & contact number for the company/individual who gave you the discounted rate/quote or you provide us the web address (if the rate is available on line).

3.  VIP Sitters' representative must verify the quote being offered by another provider.

4.  The type of service must be identical to the one offered by us.

In short:  if you obtain a quote that is lower than ours we invite you to email/call us in order for us to price match* or offer you additional discount on the reduced rate.

Some of the unique features and benefits we offer our clients exclusively, which other services may not offer, include:

1.  Each and every one of our employees undergoes a police background check.

2.  A unique state-of-the-art Interactive Voice Response (IVR) check in/out system that allows us to monitor our staff and to make sure that they are performing the service as per our agreement with you.

3.  If a VIP Sitter does not check in, we have backup sitters who would be available to cover.

4.  For our clients we are available for emergency, round-the-clock (24 hours a day 7 days a week) service.

5. We accept all major credit cards for our clients' convenience.

6.  We are the first all inclusive service in our industry that is a stand alone proud member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

These competitive advantages set us apart from the pack.  We offer our clients safety and security that goes beyond other services' "run-of-the-mill" care.  Moreover, we offer support in all areas and at all times of the day.

The VIP Treatment

White Glove First Class Service

VIP Sitters a pioneer and industry leader with specialized expertise that have been developed and honed since our inception in 2000.  Our clients benefit from our wealth of knowledge and dynamic contingency plans which we customize for each and every client.  VIP Sitters' clients benefit from tapping into our extensive knowledge base and unique advanced technologies.  VIP Sitters delivers a comprehensive service while utilizing our state of the art proprietary systems and cutting edge infrastructures.  The chief objective of your dedicated VIP Sitters associate is delivering a perfectly customized, care-free, and flawless service.  VIP Sitters' specialize in delivering the highest quality of service and overall peace of mind for our clients; thus our focus is on providing an exceptional service to one client at a time.

Finding a reasonably priced service is always an important consideration.  

However, oftentimes those services which offer exponentially inexpensive solutions turn out to be more costly than had originally anticipated; since they assume an unmanageable number of clients simultaneously (at the same time) to maximize their bottom line.  Many 'fly by night' companies provide a significantally lower estimate in order to gain your business, and once hired they increase their rate; this may be due to their inexperience in delivering a quality service or their lack of integrity in knowingly misrepresenting their service offering and delivering a sub-par service.  Additional problems may present themselves when dealing with an inferior service which may be ill equipped to anticipate and handle any potential issues by thoughtfully preparing a well-planned contingency.  A common issue of a stand alone business (often referred to as a 'one man show' or a 'mom and pops operation') is its inability to multi-task when dealing with unforeseen circumstance and being presented with new challenges; which often end up being passed on to the client further compounding their stress and added burden.