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Dear VIP Sitters:

Thank you so very much for all the help you gave us getting our German Shepherd Zeus shipped out to California under difficult circumstances.

The care you gave to the dog, was second to none.  I cannot praise your company highly enough and would recommend your services without hesitation.  You went far beyond our expectations and turned a potentially harrowing experience into a pleasant one.  

Your shipping specialists were absolute angels and our thanks to your team of humane, consumate professionals for providing Zeus with such a calm and caring journey.

Today, our boxes & cases were picked up by a removal firm who told us that one of their clients recently asked them about a pet transportation service, and, naturally, I gave them your card.

I will gladly recommend your company to anyone in need of any pet related services and will spread the word!  The service you have given us and your genuine care and empathy has made our family true believers in your organization and in the sincere goodness of others.

With deepest gratitude,


Jackie Nasralla


Dear VIP Sitters:

Thank you so much for your outstanding and professional service in dealing with the shipment of my dog. 

The airlines complicated a very simple procedure to the point of almost not being able to complete the shipment, but you were able to make pick-up and transferring of the dog through airlines, and over night boarding of the dog into a very simple and well handled task.

Your professional manner and follow up are exceptional. I was thoroughly impressed by your remarkable service; after your pick-up and deliver are completed you take the time and consideration to contact the new owner to see if the airlines got the dog to them, and then contacted me to let me know.  This is way beyond the normal scope of service provided by other businesses today.

Sincere Thanks for the peace of mind and trustworthy commitment to our loved and special friends when no one else seems to consider it any more than a box of cargo.

Keep up the good work,


Rick Anderson

German Shepherds Breeder

since 1983


Toronto, New York City

VIP Sitters did a fantastic job helping me to care for my many pets: two cats and two dogs. I think it would be fair to say that I can't imagine how my pets would have made it without VIP Sitters.

In November 2005, I was in Kathmandu and my two lovely kitties were with a friend in Boston. When my friend emailed that she could no longer care for my cats, I contacted VIP Sitters. They were outstanding! Their shipping specialists made all the arrangements, one flew down to Boston, took my kitties to their vet to update their shots, flew them back to Toronto, and a VIP Sitter cared for them for five months until I returned to North America.

I don't know of any other service that would undertake this kind of work and perform it in such an amazingly helpful, professional, and kind manner. When I got home five months later, my beautiful kitties were happy and purring. What a wonderful reunion that was!a

Some months later, VIP Sitters again saved my animal family when they helped me to bring my two beautiful rescue dogs from India to New York. VIP Sitters met me and my dogs at the airport in New York when we arrived after 40 hours in transit, drove us home, and helped us through the first difficult days while my dogs adjusted to life in the West.

Since then, my dogs have boarded with VIP Sitters when we visited Toronto and they had a great time.

It's crazy, I live in New York City, but any time I am looking for reliable pet care, I always think of VIP Sitters in Toronto first.

Thank you so much, we are all your fans!


Katya Burns, Tiggy, Shere-khan, Benny, and Terry