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Why have VIP Sitters House Sit your Home?

1. Experience & Expertise

VIP Sitters has been in service since the year 2000. This has provided our house sitting specialists with valuable experience when caring for people’s homes and pets. 

Your specialists will patrol your home's exterior and interior to inspect its structural integrity; in particular checking for potential environmental damage, mischief, or security compromises.  

Oftentimes, clients that are away for extended periods ask that we flush their toilets and turn-on their water taps in order to prevent water damage and ring build up.  In order to maintain the home's security and lived-in appearance we would gather newspapers, flyers and mail, alternate lights, adjust blinds and set out or collect trash/recycling receptacles, and water plants.  

2. It may be Necessary

If a contractor is required to come by the home, our specialists are available to monitor them while the client is away.

3. Flexibility

The client’s travel dates and length time away are happily accommodated by VIP Sitters.  

4. We come Prepared

The client is encouraged to pack according to their needs. VIP Sitters is capable to completely provide for themselves throughout the duration of the housesit. 

5. Unique Check-in/out system

We verify our sitters’ arrival and departure times by using a unique check-in/out system.  This system allows for an email to be generated with your home telephone number, the time/date of the arrival/departure, and a message from your sitter indicating that they arrived/left.  

6. High Quality Personalized Service

VIP Sitters specializes in high quality service and happily caters to any personal requests made by the client. The client’s home is taken care of with the same love, attention, and responsibility they would normally provide.  

7. Peace of Mind

Above all, VIP Sitters offers peace of mind. Our reputation precedes us; see for yourself by reading the testimonials of people we’ve helped


VIP Sitters are recognized by Canada's most influential newspaper! 

"How to be an excellent house-sitter" - an article by Courtney Shea, the Globe and Mail. 

Special to The Globe and Mail