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Why Trust VIP Sitters with Grooming you Pet?

1. Experience & Expertise

VIP Sitters has been in service since 2000. Our groomers specializein both cats and dogs. Cats and dogs present different challenges when beinggroomed. Our unique approach and wealth of experience with both speciesoffers our clients an extraordinary perspective and targeted grooming care.

2. Love!

Your pet, best friend & family member is treated with the upmost love and care. Best of all you don’t have to take our word for it since you would be right by yourpet’s side.

3. Flexibility

We are delighted to groom your pet at your convenience.

4. We come Prepared

For your convenience your VIP Sitters pet grooming specialist is fully equipped with all the tools necessary to groom your pet.

5. High Quality Personalized Service

Our team of professional pet stylists would be delighted to spruce up your pet in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Your pooch/kitty will receive the VIP treatment in a peaceful and tranquil environment. The individual attention and peaceful atmosphere we provide prevents your beloved pet from being exposed to the constant noise and distractions that is typical for most pet grooming shop. You save time and money on transportation and travel - making the VIP experience a positively excellent one for both you & your pet.  VIP Sitters specializes in providing a high quality service, and happily caters to any personalized requests made by the client. The client’s pet is taken care of with the same love, attention, and responsibility they would normally provide. Your pet care specialist comes completely prepared with all of the tools necessary

6. Peace of Mind

Above all, VIP Sitters offers peace of mind. Our reputation precedes us; see for yourself by reading our clients’ testimonials of people we’ve helped.