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Pet Cremation: Choosing an urn

  • Saturday May 11 2013

For many people, choosing an urn is a difficult part of the pet cremation process. They don't want to face this moment because it feels so final. In actuality, the urn that you choose acts as a symbol that will last forever. By knowing how to choose the right one, you can honor your pet for the rest of your life.


Understand the Logistics


Your pet's size will determine the size of the urn you need. As a general rule, each pound of your pet will need one cubic inch of space in the urn. If you have a small dog that weighs 10 pounds, then you only need an urn with 10 cubic inches of interior space. If you have a big dog that weighs 90 pounds, you'll need an earn with at least 90 cubic inches of space.


Understanding the logistics will help you focus on urns that fit your pet. That way, you don't get your heart set on something that simply will not work well for your pet's cremains.


Decorative Boxes and Urns


People traditionally put cremains in metal urns. Recently, though, decorative wood boxes have become popular amongst pet owners who want to remember their favorite pets forever.


Any crematorium can show you a catalogue of options. The vary significantly in size, price, and style. Start by eliminating those that are too large or too small for your pet. Then you can eliminate the ones that cost too much for your budget.


This should leave a reasonable number of decorative boxes and urns for you to consider. Try to find one that commemorates the type of relationship you had with your pet.


Making Your Pet's Urn Unique


There are plenty of ways to make your pet's urn unique. You can have his or her name etched into the side of the urn. You can even have a picture of the pet engraved or printed on the urn.


In addition to having a professional personalize the final resting place, you can add items that were special to your pet. Perhaps you want to hang a collar around the urn, or slip a favorite toy into the box.


Selecting an urn is about creating closure while finding a way to evoke memories of your pet. Do what feels natural to you, and you can't go wrong.


For more information on our pet urns please visit our pet urn page here.

Pet Cremation: Honouring Lost Pets

  • Saturday May 11 2013

Pet cremation is one of the most effective ways for modern people to honor their lost pets. When you cremate pets, you get to keep them with you for the rest of your life. You don't have to worry about moving away, and you don't have to pay the high expense of purchasing burial plots.


In addition to cremation, though, you can ask your friends and relatives to honour your pet in other ways.


Making Charitable Donations


Ask people close to you to honor your pet by making donations to charities and non-profit organizations that contribute to animal welfare. Perhaps you adopted your dog from a specific rescue, so you would like everyone to send that organization some money. Maybe your cat died from an incurable disease, so you want everyone to contribute money to a research organization searching for a cure.


There are many ways to choose a charitable cause. Just think about how your pet affected the world and how you can give back.


Encourage Adoption Over Purchase


There are so many lost dogs, cats, and other animals in the world that no one needs to purchase pets from a breeder.


Use the loss of your pet to get everyone's attention, and make sure they understand that adoption is always the best choice for animals. If you adopted or rescued your pet, make sure everyone knows it. If they liked her, then they might change their mind about adopted animals.


Ask Friends to Contribute Their Time


Once you have found a fitting place for your pet's cremains, start letting people know that they could benefit the local animal population by volunteering at shelters. You can also organize volunteer efforts that bring several people together to work on one project for a local shelter.


If working directly with animals doesn't feel right, then organize a fundraising effort.


These actions will honor your lost pet's memory while making the world a better place for all animals.


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Pet Cremation: Types of Cremation

  • Saturday May 11 2013

If you've never had a pet cremated before, you should know ahead of time that you will often have four options. Make sure you understand these options before you drop off your deceased friend. That way, you'll make an informed decision based on more than numb shock.


Private Pet Cremation Services


When you choose private cremation, your pet is placed in a cremation chamber by himself or herself. The cremains are then transferred from the chamber to an urn so you can keep a memento of your furry friend .


Communal Pet Cremation


Communal cremation, also known as mass cremation, doesn't separate your pet from other animals in the cremation chamber. This is often an easier, less-expensive option, but your pet's cremains will get mixed with those of others.


If you get cremains back, know that it likely has the ashes of other animals mixed in with yours. The remains are usually disposed of like any other commercial material.


Individual Cremation


If you're uncomfortable with communal cremation, but you also can't afford the higher cost of private cremation, consider the advantages of individual cremation. This process places your beloved pet in the same cremation chamber as other animals, but your pet has is separated from the group.


This lets you get the cremains back so you can keep them as a reminder of how much you loved your pet.


Viewing Cremation


Some crematories allow the pet's owners, friends, and family members to observe the cremation process. The people usually sit in a viewing room during the process. This gives people a final chance to say "good-bye" to an animal they loved.


Any of these cremation options could work well. It's up to you to decide which one gives you the greatest satisfaction and honors the relationship you shared with your pet.


For more information on our pet cremation services please visit our pet cremation page here.

Pet Cremation: Why Cremate Your Pet

  • Saturday May 11 2013

Cities have used animal cremation for decades. It's an efficient way to reduce deceased bodies. Instead of burying them in the ground, which takes a lot of money, time, and resources, cities chose to burn the remains so that they were easier to dispose of.


Today, more and more pet owners, however, have decided that cremation makes sense to them.


Why have so many people turned to cremation as their preferred option?


People Don't Stay Put


One reason is that people don't stay put. We rarely buy a house and live in it throughout our adult lives. We travel the world when we meet new people or get new job opportunities. We don't stay planted to the same plot of land forever.


If we did, then it would make sense to bury our favorite pets. Each person could have a tiny pet cemetery in her backyard. Whenever she wanted to visit with her pets, she would walk to that area of the yard and pay her respects.


When you live 200 miles away and someone else owns the property, though, you can't do that. Keeping your pet in an urn lets you take her wherever you go. No matter what the future holds, you can always take your favorite furry friend with you.


Many People Don't Have Land


Living in a big city also makes it difficult to bury beloved pets without spending a lot of money. Pet cemeteries in large cities can have outrageous prices. If you don't have a backyard, what else can you do?


You want to treat your pets with respect, even after they've passed. You're not just going to throw them out with the trash.


Cremation lets you keep dogs, cats, and other animals in your apartment long after they have passed on. That way, you don't have to worry about spending a lot of money on a funeral plot. Plus, you get the advantage of having your pet with you whenever you want to pay your respects or grieve.


Cremation Makes Sense for Many Relationships


There's also the fact that cremation makes so much sense for the types of relationships that people form with their pets. We don't have outdoor pets that we don't really care about. We have furry family members who deserve as much respect as anyone else.


This type of relationship has encouraged more people to use cremation as a way to honor their pets and keep them close forever.


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Pet Cremation: Honouring Your Pet Online

  • Saturday May 11 2013

Pet cremation can help you stay in emotional contact with your favorite furry friends for the rest of your life.


Place their cremains in a decorative box or urn, and you can visit them whenever you want.


During a pet's life, though, many people might form attachments to it. It isn't just you, your family, and close friends who have feelings for the animal. Even casual friends might have fond memories just as they would of people. 


That's why it makes sense for you to create a website or page that honors your pet and lets other people grieve their loss.


Finding a Place to Host Your Pet Homage


Your pet cremation center might already have a website that will host an homage to your pet.


If not, then you can find plenty of free hosting services online. They make it rather easy to post pictures and information about your pet. 


This lets people from all over the world view pictures, words, and videos about your special animal.


What You Need for a Good Homage


A good homage definitely needs pictures. Find several pictures of your pet throughout her life. That way, you can show her as she grew from a pup to an adult and, finally, into old age.


Some services will also let you upload videos. If you have videos of your pet doing something funny, or even something just typical of her personality, then upload it and share it with the world.


Of course, you also need to write a few words about your lost friend. Don't feel shy about exposing your feelings. Most people have lost pets at some point during their lives. They know that it's a painful experience.


Writing about your pet also gives you a chance to purge some of your feelings. Let it all out. No one will laugh at your pain. Instead, they'll nod along as they read, remembering some of the great times that they had with the animal.


Dogs, cats, and other animals have become such intimate parts of our lives. It only makes sense to honor them after they die. In addition to using an urn that holds her cremains, use the Internet so other people can get in touch with their feelings.


For more information about our pet cremation services please go to our pet cremation page here.