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Why Trust VIP Sitters with Pet Sitting your Pet?

1. Experience & Expertise

VIP Sitters has been in service since the year 2000. This has provided our team of professional pet care specialists with valuable experience when caring for people’s pets and home. They are experienced with dogs, have a good grasp of dog handling fundamentals and understand canine behaviour. Our specialists undergo a police check and extensive training. We are the only service in Canada with in-house Red Cross certified instructors in First Aid & CPR for Cats and Dogs. Our team participates in continuous education seminars.  We work with Toronto Animal Services and The Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Ontario SPCA) on a variety of educational programs and joint ventures.

While most pet sitters charge clients an additional premium for administering medication to their pets, VIP Sitters offers complimentary medication administration.  Our creed is that pet owners that are kind enough to care for their pets in spite of their pets’ ailment do not deserve to be gouged for their altruism.

2. Emergency Ready 

We are Heat Alert Neighbourhood Partner with the City of Toronto.  This means that when the Medical Officer of Health declares a Heat Alert, we take extra care and are conscious of our clients’ pets and well-being.  We have emergency contingency plans in effect should an electric outage occur.  Since our sitters usually live within the same geographical area as our clients, sitters know that when their own power is down, it is likely that their clients’ power is out at which point they take the necessary steps to make sure that your pet is cared for in extreme weather conditions.

3. Love!

Your pet, best friend & family member is treated with the upmost love and care. Our call center is available 24/7 to answer any questions and receive expert advice.

4. Flexibility

The client’s length of time away is happily accommodated by VIP Sitters. For our clients’ convenience our service continuity plan guarantees that a substitute sitter would be available at all times should, for any reason, the original sitter is unavailable.

5. We Care for Your Pet & Your Home

While visiting your home, our pet care specialist will maintain your pet’s routine, including exercise and medication as needed.  It would be our pleasure to gather your newspapers, flyers and mail, alternate lights, adjust blinds and set out or collect trash/recycling receptacles, water your plants, and more.

6. Unique Check-in/out system

We verify our sitters’ arrival and departure times by using a unique check-in/out system.  This system allows for an email to be generated with your home telephone number, the time/date of the arrival/departure, and a message from your sitter indicating that they arrived/left.  

7. High Quality Personalized Service

VIP Sitters specializes in high quality service and happily caters to any personal requests made by the client. The client’s home is taken care of with the same love, attention, and responsibility they would normally provide.  

8. Peace of Mind

Above all, VIP Sitters offers peace of mind. Our reputation precedes us; see for yourself by reading the testimonials of people we’ve helped