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Policies & Requirements

5. Import Permit

Once the results for the Titre test have been received, the import permit must be obtained from The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries of Australia. Copies of all vaccine stickers must be provided to obtain import permit. 

6. Tick & Tapeworm Treatment

For dogs, within 24 hours of blood test for Ehrlichiosis, they must have an external parasite treatment against ticks. 

24-48 hours prior departure, the pet needs to have a final examination and be administered an internal and external parasite treatment by a veterinarian. 

Internal Parasite Treatment: Pets must be treated with a product approved for the treatment of nematodes and cestodes ie. Drontal. 

External Parasite Treatment: Pets must be treated with a product approved for the treatment of ticks and fleas.  Only washes and rinses that prevent ticks and their bites are acceptable. 

Unacceptable products are oral products, injections, medicated collars and any products that rely on the parasite biting the pet.  

The date, time, treatments, active ingredient and dose rate are recorded on the Veterinary Certificate. 

7. Veterinarian Health Certificate 

The pet must be accompanied by a Veterinarian Health Certificate, available here, that must be issued 10 days prior to departure. At this time the pet is required to have a final Veterinary exam.

8. All of the original documentation must travel with the pet

9. Complete all of the preparatory procedures outlined in The VIP Sitters Pet Relocation Guide for Cats & Dogs


* If a paritcular country is not listed or you require additional assistance, please feel free to contact us anytime

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