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Policies & Requirements

** The veterinarian must be approved and accredited by the Government Veterinarian Authority of the pet’s departing country. If the pet is departing Canada, the veterinarian used must be CFIA approved. 

** All dates must be written in the ISO (International Standards): dd/mm/yyyy

** All documentation must be completed in blue ink

Note: All pets must be transported to Fiji through a rabies free country or state such as Australia, the UK or Hawaii. The import and quarantine requirements must be met for these countries/states prior to the import process for Fiji.


1. Microchip

The pet must be implanted with a microchip that is compatible with international standards (ISO 11784/11785). Microchip Implantation Record must be provided. Microchip must be implanted before the rabies vaccination. 

2. Vaccinations


Valid Certification of DHLPP Vaccination within 1 year and 4 weeks prior importation.

Valid Certification of Rabies Vaccination within 1 year and 4 weeks prior importation.


Valid Certification of FVRCP Vaccination within 1 year and 4 weeks prior importation.

Valid Certification of Rabies Vaccination within 1 year and 4 weeks prior importation.

3. Permits & Licenses 

An import permit is obtained by sending the ‘Application to Import Live Animals to Fiji’ to the Director of Animal and Production Division in Suva, Fiji. Upon approval, the permit will be issued with the conditions of importation and the necessary procedures, such as quarantine, vaccines, etc. 

Attention Dr. Robin R. Achari

Principal Veterinary Officer 

Animal Health and Production Division 

Ministry of Agriculture & Primary Industries 

G.P.O Box 15829

Suva Telephone 679 331 5322

Fax 679 330 1368

4. EU Veterinarian Health Certificate (Form EC# 998). 

For animals originating outside of the EU, this certificate, available here, is filled out by a Veterinarian.  It is valid for 4 months prior departure date. It must be printed in the language of the import country and in English and be completed in the language of the import country or English.


Pet Passport

For animals originating from within the EU, a pet passport is used. It is a standardized document used throughout the EU. It comes in booklet form.

5. Veterinarian Health Certificate 

The pet must be accompanied by a Veterinarian Health Certificate, available here, that must be issued 10 days prior to departure.

6. CFIA Endorsement

The following forms must be sent to the local CFIA for their stamp of approval: Microchip Implantation Record, Rabies Certificate, Veterinary Health Certificate, and EU Veterinarian Health Certificate.

7. Customs

Pets are customs and quarantine cleared by a customs broker in the Customs & Quarantine Department at Nadi Airport. They are subject to a 5% customs/fiscal duty and a 12.5% import vat payable in CIF Fijian Dollars. 

Once cleared, they are transported by airfreight to the Quarantine Station in Nausori for care and observation. If the flight kennel is too large for the aircraft, the pet will be transported by road under quarantine staff escort. The Principal Veterinary Officer can approve once informed of the cubic measurement of the cage in centimeters. Quarantine and quarantine staff escort charges apply.

For customs clearance, the owner must be in Fiji to liaise with the Quarantine Officer at the Quarantine Station in Koronivia. They will have to register with the Fiji Islands Revenue & Customs Authority and complete a Customs Declaration form. It’s necessary they provide a copy of their passport and work permit, or residence permit. 

For any queries, contact:

The Quarantine section of the Animal Health & Production Division Telephone: 679.312.512 

Fax: 679.305.043 

The Post-Entry Quarantine Station in Koronivia (pets are quarantined here) 

Telephone: 679.430.317 


8. Quarantine

All pets transporting from New Zealand and Australia must be under quarantine for a minimum of 7 days. Those transporting from Hawaii must undergo 30 days. The quarantine location is at the government post-entry station located in Koronivia. Prior to the pet transport, space needs to be reserved with The Director of Animal and Production Division. 

9. All of the original documentation must travel with the pet

10. Complete all of the preparatory procedures outlined in The VIP Sitters Pet Relocation Guide for Cats & Dogs

Airlines and countries constantly make changes to their policies and regulations. Please note that the information available on this website may not be up to date with current requirements. 

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